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Aug 20, 2013 6:30pm EDT
and do that right now for the rest of your life. >> you could afford for all of us to be living on st. tropez. >> adolph hitler, kim jong il, they were all amateurs compared to diddy who ruled his company, bad boy entertainment, with an iron fist, according to one ungrateful intern. someone tell us more. >> bad boy entertainment is being sued by a former unpaid intern who claims she was basically abused in the workplace for no pay. >> just like children in the early 1900's and the chinese workers who made the iphone, diddy's interns are exploited, according to the ex-intern. just listen to what he makes them do. >> answering phones, getting lunch and coffee for employees, making deliveries and decorating the office during holidays. >> oh, my god! >> yes, the man isn't human but hey, diddy's had weirder requests. >> walk up to the bronx and get breast milk from a cambodian immigrant. milk.he finest breast >> we miss you, dave. but does this intern really have a case? actually, yes. >> all interns by law must be paid. >> what a lame ass. she's making it look like these are things she sh
Aug 19, 2013 6:30pm EDT
mclemore right now. >> how long do you brush your teeth? i can do better. >> i used to date a girl, she would gag on it. that's how you knew she was done. he goes i have done the ame. >> it's "tmz's" celebrity hot tub party with "criminal minds" tar thomas gibson. >> it's really beautiful here. let me see behind me, yeah. >> so there is tom filming a rather embarrassing selfie in a hot tub for this woman, only it's not that woman. >> so this guy got catfished, he is married, by the way. >> he started an online relationship with a mystery woman in north dakota who was posing as this woman and in sitting in photos she hijacked from varse porno websites. >> porn sites are in north dakota. that's where they're all based. is >> clue number one. >> thomas gibson didn't realize and so he kept sending photos and explicit stuff back to her. >> seriously, a big machine gun? >> more of a pistol. >> that's my water gun just in ase. yeah, agents, we carry it at all times. >> he says he plays an f.b.i. agent on the show. >> and, of course, what happens when you release a video like that, it ends up h
Aug 24, 2013 6:30pm EDT
down? >> mitch: i used to drop down to left-handers and throw a slider. but i never threw one fastball from down under. >> justin: high fastball, back-to-back strikeouts here by o'day. ten $10 or more with your mastercard when you dine out and mastercard will donate up to $4 million, one cent at a time. when everyone does their part, it's priceless. two outs for brandon moss. again, machado goes all the way from third base into shallow right field. >> mitch: this is a guy that o'day has to be careful with. as i said, he can't get his fastball -- it does not sink very good. it's going to be flat. and moss has lots of power. in bp, he put on a show. >> justin: brandon moss and nick markakis played in aa at the same time in 2005. moss was with portland, markakis was in buoy. the number of players in the league that year, jonathan papelb papelbon, sanchez. o'day, high throw, that's wide. roberts backing it up. that's machado backing it up. >> mitch: really good job by machado backing that up, even better job of moss knowing that machado was there and not turning in once that ball went over
Aug 17, 2013 6:30pm EDT
tazawa. stewart and wells the base runners. now 1-2 on ichiro. >> tim: john farrell telling us before the game, that uehara and tazawa have been god sends for the red sox this year. getting much, much more than expected out of the two right handers. >> kenny: 1-2 from breslow. a sharp grounder taken to the bag by carp. ichiro ground out for the fourth time today. yankees strand two. it's seventh inning stretch time here at fenway. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] getting together to do some good: priceless. spend $10 or more with your mastercard when you dine out and mastercard will donate up to $4 million to stand up to cancer, one precious cent at a time. >> kenny: today's telecast is sponsored by just for men auto stop, the foolproof way to get rid of gray. and by mazda. we believe if it's not worth driving, it's not worth building. changes for the yankees. ichiro moves from right field to center field. vernon wells remains in the game in right after pinch hitting for brett gardner. dustin pedroia leading off against adam warren who retired the only batter he faced. shane victori
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4